Transmissions – New & Rebuilt

Chevy • Ford • Chrysler • Dodge • Buick • Toyota • KIA • VW • Audi
• Just About anything on wheels including Trucks and RV’s

9th Street Auto Repair and Transmission has been servicing  cars, trucks, motor homes, SUVs and fleet vehicles since 2010.  Initially as a transmission shop, they were Aamco of Bend.  However, over the years they have expanded their business to being a full-service shop offering every need to vehicle owners, no matter what they drive, and the reason they changed their name was to more accurately describe the full service they offer.

Beginning as a full service highly regarded transmission shop, Aamco of Bend, 9th Street maintains the highest quality transmission service and repair in Central Oregon.  Servicing all makes and models, 9th Street has highly trained mechanics and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.  Their years of exceptional service have made them the leaders in transmission service and repair and the only ones who offer 3 years, unconditional warranty.

Highly skilled, exceptional service, timely repairs, and cost effective, is the reason so many people have chosen 9th Street Auto Repair and Transmission for all their vehicles maintenance and service.